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  • November 21, 2023
  • 12:11 PM EST
  • Cincinnati

Contemporary Half Stock Percussion Riffle By G.R. Douglas

.45 caliber. 36″ octagonal barrel length. SN: NSN. Browned and varnished metal finish with brass furnishings, double set triggers, fixed rear notch and front blade sights, maple halfstock, and nonmatching wood ramrod. Single-shot percussion rifle of contemporary manufacture. Top of barrel signed GR DOUGLAS followed by XX within ovoid and caliber marking. Brass furnishings show some light fletching engraving with inlaid brass hounds to both sides of forend and starburst to left buttstock. The word malay is scratched to interior of triggerguard. Triggerguard shows signs of center having been cut out and then soldered back together with a copper insert.